BITCOIN: Once in a SPECIES Opportunity - Trace Mayer Exclusive HD

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The legendary Trace Mayer returns at an historic time for Bitcoin, in the wake of Trump’s first ever Bitcoin tweet and the US Government’s official public briefing on cryptocurrencies we are now at the beginning of something many have only dreamed about!Today’s topics include the implications of Facebook’s Libra coin, Peter Schiff’s hatred of Bitcoin and what’s going to happen in the next ten years of what many call, the financial renaissance.

TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW:02:30 Trump Vs Bitcoin, why the President should tread carefully…12:45 Peter Schiff’s hatred of Bitcoin19:55 Ten years into the financial renaissance25:15 Bitcoin will become the 8th layer of the internet27:15 Facebook’s ‘Libra’ cryptocurrency

Crypto Colax

HTML never got replaced by anything. The WWW is based on it still today. HTML got just improved over time. So will Bitcoin.

Brian Turner

Obvious the interviewer only has a small amount of faith in crypto. His responses like, “right...” to Mayer’s points show he feels a bit of contempt/skepticism towards crypto still

James Hamrick

The guy kept explaining why Peter is wrong but the other guy doesn't understand or like it. Lol

B Illzer

This interviewer is a dummy..            </div>
                            <div class= Ответить

Just MeMe

"..on the downside recently"? Bitcoin is the best performing asset this year.

Russell Spears

14:40 this guy takes so long to simply state that is trying to make the intrinsic value argument. They said it best at the Congressional hearing: Bitcoin has an algorithmically fixed issuance rate which caps the number of units off at almost 21 million units. This baked in scarcity is coupled with a real world market demand.

Trace Mayer offers us 7 different networking effects which are going to multiply. Bitcoin as the world reserve currency and bass money as well as the first ideal speculative acid is a huge monkey wrench… Big enough to bring the US government to doubt and useful enough to fix our monetary system.

Crypto is Key

Man, every time I listen to Trace it boosts my confidence in Bitcoins future...such a wicked advocate.

G Work

Don't listen to what they say, look at what they are doing. sunnydecree.


Too bad not even the average working class person can afford $9k


Thumbs up for Mayer calling out Trump, way too many cheerleaders in this space